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Complicated Home Selling Processes Are So Last Decade

Enjoy No Fees Or Commissions

Selling your home the traditional route typically requires a 6% commission fee paid by the seller. By processing your home sale quickly and not dealing with an independent home buyer, we avoid commission fees along with broker fees, title fees, and all those other unnecessary costs.

Sell Your Home As-Is

We mean it. We will make you an offer on your home as it sits today with no cleaning, repairs, or maintenance required. Avoid the laundry list of repairs your potential home buyer could spring upon you during the inspection period by selling directly to us.

Avoid Having Two Mortgages

Whether you are upgrading or downsizing, buying a new home is stressful in itself and you shouldn’t have to worry about selling your old one. Depending on the timeline of your buy and sell, you might be caught having to make two mortgage payments. Sell your old home quickly with us so you can immediately enjoy your new one.

Say No To Closing Costs

Removing the middleman from the equation allows us to reduce and cover all of the closing costs associated with your sale. That long list of closing cost fees won’t make it to your inbox and those thousands of extra dollars can stay put in your account.

Just One House Showing

Selling your home the traditional route requires you to accommodate multiple showings and house tours. If you have a busy schedule, this can become an undesirable nuisance very quickly. We will need to view your house just one time and on your schedule to provide you with our competitive offer.

Free, Fair, Competitive Offers

Our proprietary algorithm takes into account many factors to ensure you are getting a top-dollar value for your home. During our offer phase, we will walk you through the metrics used to evaluate your property to keep our processes as transparent as possible.

Moving Assistance

If you sell your home with us, enjoy complimentary local moving services. We partner with movers across the nation to help make your home selling experience even more simple and carefree.

Factor Out Market Conditions

Whether it is a buyer’s market, a seller’s market, or somewhere in between, we are always able to provide you with a competitive, fair offer for your home. Every day your home sits on the market lowers its desirability. Avoid that factor by selling your home directly to us.

Close On Your Terms

Nobody wants to wait months for their home transaction to close. Working with us means your home can close in a little as 7 days. It can also close on your schedule, so if you need more time to pack or say goodbye to your neighborhood, we are happy to wait it out.

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